Thulatha (Tuesday) Cultural Forum (TCF)

Introductory Guide

Rich… Diverse… Distinct

The Tuesday Cultural Forum (TCF) is a civic organization that was established in Qatif, Saudi Arabia in the year 2000. Its mission is twofold: 1) to promote dialogue around various cultural and social issues; and 2) to network with intellectuals and civic leaders from inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

This Introductory Guide gives a brief review of:  when the Thulatha Cultural Forum was established; its mission, goals and objectives; its programs and activities, its administrative structure, and the vital role it plays in the cultural scene in Saudi Arabia. In addition, this report shares what some leading intellectuals have said about the role and work of the Thulatha Cultural Forum in the intellectual and cultural life in Saudi Arabia.

A Brief Introduction

  • The Thulatha Cultural Forum (TCF) is a non-profit, civic organization that was established by a group of intellectuals in the city of Qatif in the year 2000.
  • TCF aims at promoting dialogue and building bridges between and among intellectuals and civic leaders. It focuses on issues that are of critical interest and concern to the public. In addition, TCF strives to showcase social and cultural initiatives and programs that exist in the region and country.
  • TCF offers a weekly panel on Tuesday nights that comprises of: a major lecture/presentation, an art display, a short film, a ceremony honoring an individual for a particular distinction, showcasing or sharing of information about civic initiatives, and a book signing ceremony.
  • An impressive array of individuals from the public and private sectors have participated in TCF programs including government officials, and leading experts in scientific, social, health, intellectual and legal fields.
  • TCF addresses issues of peaceful coexistence, religious tolerance, pluralism, diversity, civil rights and renewal in religious and social thought.
  • A group of intellectuals comprises the council board that directs TCF. TCF also has an advisory board whose members are leading intellectuals and journalists.
  • TCF received an award from the (Saudi) minister of Culture & Media in in an honoring ceremony that was held in 2010. In addition, TCF received the Chaillot Prize from the European Union Delegation in Saudi Arabia in 2015.

Two Decades of Continuous and Rich Contributions

Owing to the responsive and interactive cultural environment that surrounds TCF as well as the dedication and commitment of its administrative body, it has grown quickly, and has contributed significantly to fostering a climate of respectful and productive dialogue in the country.

Despite its humble start in 2000, TCF has emerged as one of the leading cultural institutions in the Eastern Province and the country. It has remained relentlessly committed to the values of free and purposive dialogue and respect for thought and thinkers. Also, TCF continues to encourage promising artists and inventors as well as budding intellectuals by providing them a forum to bloom and blossom.

It is no wonder then that TCF has consistently been praised for its continuous, meaningful, and varied cultural activities. In the span of twenty years, TCF has offered 457 weekly panels and hosted 763 guests on its Tuesday night forum. Topics presented and discussed in the weekly Tuesday night forum included a variety of topics including education, philosophy, history, sociology, politics, human rights, literature and poetry.  Moreover, health, technology, sports and a host of other topics were presented by experts and knowledgeable individuals.

TCF will continue to build on its record of impressive achievements and to its laudable service to the community and the country at large.

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